Research and Innovation

Småland Blekinge Halland consist of multiple clusters and networks of innovation actors. Together, the five regions and one university, form a dynamic and strong innovation ecosystem open to test, scale up and introduce innovation on the European market.

The innovation ecosystem in Småland Blekinge Halland is characterized by “small in scale – fast to act”. We believe that our environment with many small and medium sized cities, small and medium sized stakeholders, and strong public-private cooperation makes us a frontrunner in Europe´s green and digital transition.

Region Halland

One of the research and innovations strengths that signifies Region Halland´s innovation landscape is digital solutions within the health care sector. Close cooperation between innovation actors and robust test arenas for tomorrows e-health systems make Halland an international hub for demonstrations. Enabling future sustainable societies and business models are also regional priorities. In this context, Region Halland has a particular focus on food tech, sustainable materials and innovative mobility.

Region Kronoberg

There is no limit to what forest-based material can be used for in Region Kronoberg. With the aim to explore eco-friendly constructions techniques, with competences from fellow regions in Småland Blekinge Halland, Region Kronoberg is the gravitational centre of forest-based bioeconomy and smart housing solutions.

Region Jönköping Län

The dynamic ecosystem in Jönköping is characterized by its entrepreneurial spirit, especially in the forest-based bio sector with plenty of strong and innovative actors incorporating circularity in tomorrow’s wood-based industry.

Region Kalmar Län

Region Kalmar focus on bio innovation includes the forest-based industry, the food system, water management, bioenergy as well as nature- and cultural tourism. Circular bioeconomy is at the heart of the innovation processes within the region, not least innovation within the regional food system where the region has a particular focus on plant-based proteins.

Region Blekinge

Being a coastal region, marine tech is one of the innovative strengths of region Blekinge. The region is a European frontrunner in the work with European missions, especially the missions on healthy oceans and climate adaptation. Close cooperation between regional actors (university, science parks, cluster, and municipalities) forms the competitive innovation ecosystem of Blekinge.

Linnaeus University

Linnaeus University is situated in both Region Kalmar and Region Kronoberg (Växjö and city of Kalmar) and is a creative and international knowledge environment promoting curiosity, creativity, companionship and utility. The Office of External Relations coordinates, administrates, and quality-assures international university wide exchange agreements and programmes such as Erasmus+ and Horizon.

Cooperate with us!

Interested to know more about our regions, universities, and regional innovation actors? We are open to explore further innovation activities with European actors that share our vision of a sustainable Europe. All our regions have updated smart specialisation strategies and we are particularly interested to connect and explore innovation activities based on common S3-priorities.