Region Jönköping

Our vision shall lead to the development of a sustainable county that has great opportunities for attractive housing, work, enterprise, education and development, good communications, and a rich provision of leisure and cultural activities, which all contribute to providing the best conditions for everyone to enjoy good health and living standards.

Good opportunities for life and work in all the local municipalities make the county attractive to people. This attractiveness is also closely connected to ecological considerations – ensuring that the county has continued access to clean air and water, well-functioning systems for recycling and minimising consumption, biodiversity to guarantee the production of foodstuffs, and environments for leisure experiences, as well as ecosystems that are given protection and scope for development, and that contribute to new business enterprises and circular economic systems.

Changes are required if the climate goals are to be achieved. We need to adapt to changes in the climate, to risk-prevention and risk-management work, and to environmental protection and the more efficient use of resources as part of the transition to a low-carbon dioxide economy in order to achieve the goal of being a ‘surplus-energy county’ 1) by 2050. The possibility of developing a future sustain- able welfare society is closely linked with strong and competitive industry, which generates sustainable growth without compromising the environment or public health. The smart and sustainability-focused development of business and industry shall therefore help our county’s traditional sectors to continue to grow and develop in the future, while new sectors can also be established and contribute with new businesses and innovations. The strength of research and the university in subjects that are important to our area will also contribute to innovations and increased competition throughout the county.