Region Halland

A good place to grow
In Halland, you will find neither rush-hour traffic nor big-city stress. But you will discover tons of potential. Down-to-earth, small-scale businesses thrive alongside high-tech innovation in a unique geographical location.

Here, at the doorstep of an international market, our proud agricultural tradition and pioneers of tomorrow have found a common purpose: to grow for the future.

Attractive logistics location with a growing infrastructure
As part of the Greater Copenhagen partnership, Halland is a link between Malmo/Copenhagen to the south, Gothenburg/Oslo to the north, and Jutland to the west. Railways, roads and ports make up a tightknit web of transportation in all directions. The region also offers direct flights to and from Stockholm, and the fastest growing broadband infrastructure in the country.

Steady growth in a strong job market
In Halland, a larger portion of the population is gainfully employed than in any other Swedish county. At the same time, wage expenses are growing at the same rate as the country average. Halland’s labor market is multifaceted and dynamic; the fastest-growing industries during the last ten years are public administration, business services and construction, all with a growth rate of more than 25 percent.

Businesses brimming with progress and optimism
Halland is one of Sweden’s most entrepreneurial counties, with a proud tradition of entrepreneurship. Our natural resources and our unique tradition of collaboration between academia, businesses and the public sector have contributed to four business areas with exceptional potential in Halland: HealthTech, FutureFood, SmartSolutions and DigitalTechnology.

A popular place to live
Halland is one of Sweden’s most attractive regions to move to. And once they get here, people are reluctant to leave. We have had Sweden’s highest net in-migration for many years. As a bonus, “Hallandians” have the highest life expectancy in Sweden.

Halland – a popular place to live and a good place to grow