Fossil fuel free region 2030 – Region Kalmar county’s position on “fit for 55”

Region Kalmar County welcomes the fit for 55 packages, as the county has a target to be completely fossil fuel free by 2030.

Region Kalmar County regional development strategy builds on the following principles: Our work should contribute to less fossil CO2 emissions, more efficient use of energy and a growing business sector contributing to a sustainable development. The public sector should be a frontrunner for this development.

To reach our targets for 2030, investments have been made for a green transition of our society. Many of those investments and actions are connected to sustainable transport where the development of a biogas system has been a success. The actions taken have not only decreased the use of fossil resources, they have also created new markets and incomes for the bioeconomy sector. Many of the region’s solutions can be deployed by others and contribute to reaching the EU CO2-emmision targets for 2030 to 2050.

However, there are worries that some aspects of the fit-for-55 proposals are formulated in a way that they risk hindering rather than supporting the green transition and the possibility to reach EU’s climate targets.

Find Region Kalmar county’s general position on the “fit for 55” package, as well as it’s specific position on alternative fuels infrastructure regulation, CO2 emission standards for cars and vans regulation, and renewable energy directive here.