Green light for Village fair 2030 in Region Kronoberg

Region Kronoberg has taken the decision to develop a Village fair for 2030 (Bymässa 20230). The aim is to increase the attractiveness of communities and villages. It puts focus on construction, culture, and local materials such as wood and glass. The plan is to arrange Village fairs twice until 2030 and in different locations in the region.

What makes the concept of Village fair different from traditional living fairs is that it does not only focus on buildings but more broadly on everyday life and the living environment. Every place has its unique conditions and needs. By inviting societal actors to a broad co-creation process, Village fair 2030 will increase the knowledge about sustainable development outside cities, says Thomas Ragnarsson, chair of the regional development committee Region Kronoberg.

The decision to go further with Village fair 2030 comes timely, as it fits very well with the scope and values of the New European Bauhaus initiative. Smart Housing Småland, one of the New European Bauahaus partners, is involved in the development of Village fair 2030.

-Today’s planning has a focus on the city and this needs to be challenged. We need to explore our future sustainable good life outside the city. Not instead of living in the city, but as a complement, says Christel Gustafsson, Director of regional development Region Kronoberg.

One challenge for the region is that despite having an attractive labour market, a high level of innovation and digitalisation, and a rich cultural life, the region’s attractiveness as a place to live in is low and companies are struggling to find the right competence. At the same time, it is difficult to find housing in many municipalities. As attractiveness is more than just the building, a holistic perspective is needed. Village fair 2030 is answer to those challenges.

Welcome to co-create together with us in region Kronoberg!