Smart Cities: Cities mission

Call for expression of interest for the cities mission

This autumn marks the launch of the Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities – the initiative with the ambitious aim to deliver at least 100 climate-neutral and smart European cities by 2030. The mission process will start with the launch of the call for Expressions of Interest, which will be open to all cities committed to achieving climate-neutrality by 2030.

This Smart Cities WG meeting aims to assist ERRIN members in preparing their Expressions of Interest, by inviting the Mission Manager to present the call for Expressions of Interest and answer open questions related to its content and process. The NetZeroCities project, in which ERRIN is a partner, will play an imperative role in assisting cities in developing their Climate City Contracts. The ERRIN Secretariat will introduce the project and present the opportunities for ERRIN members to participate in the project activities. Finally, the MOSAIC project will present how it can support ERRIN members in their citizen and stakeholder engagement activities, as require

d in the development of the Climate City Contracts.

Please find the draft agenda attached. You can register to the meeting by clicking on the ‘Register’ button on the right side.

Please note that this meeting will be conducted via Microsoft Teams. The meeting link will be sent to all registered participants in due time before the meeting.

We are collecting members’ open questions related to the call for Expressions of Interest and Mission Implementation Plan ahead of the meeting, to facilitate the discussion with the Mission Manager during the meeting.

Please submit your open questions to by Wednesday 3 November COB.


Tidpunkt: 2021-11-08 09:00 - 2021-11-08 10:30