Info från expertgrupp om KKN

The Commission Expert Group on Cultural Heritage (CH), set up to give independent advice on cultural policies and to ensure a follow-up of the European Year on CH 2018-related initiatives, will gather online on Oct. 12-13. The Group is unique in its composition, made of experts issued from national, international and stakeholder organisations, including ERRIN, that give voice to the wide community of professionals, operators, ministries, regional authorities etc. active in the sector of cultural policies and cultural heritage promotion and enhancement.

After the meeting, we invite members to join a short informal call on 25 October, in which the representative for ERRIN (Martina Hilger, Cultural Heritage & Tourism WG co-leader) will share information on the main outcomes of the discussion and investigate with members potential follow-ups within the Working Group.

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Registered participants will receive the confirmation with the link to join ahead of the meeting.

Tidpunkt: 2021-10-25 15:00 - 2021-10-25 16:30