Konferens om Missioner

Konferensens syftar till att lansera implementeringen av av EU-Missionerna tillsammans med regioner och städer. Dessutom vill man diskutera detaljerna i målen och nästa steg i Missionet för städer med den kommande utlysningen som förväntas komma inom den närmaste tiden. 

EU missions launched by the European Commission on 29 September 2021 are a new and innovative way to work together and improve the lives of people in Europe and beyond. EU missions aim to tackle big challenges in health, climate and the environment, and to achieve ambitious and inspiring goals in these areas by 2030. Their implementation requires a collective effort cutting across the boundaries of policies, programmes and different levels of governance. They aim to mobilise and activate public and private actors, such as EU Member States, regional and local authorities, research institutes, entrepreneurs and investors to create real and lasting impact. EU Missions will engage with citizens to boost societal uptake of new solutions and approaches.

The European Committee of the Regions’ COTER commission is closely associated to the implementation of the missions across Europe and is offering this conference to interested CoR members and other stakeholders. The aim of the conference is to launch the implementation of EU Missions with cities and regions and to discuss in more detail the objectives and next steps of the Cities Mission, including the upcoming call for expression of interest later this month.

Information om Regionkommitténs Mission Konferens Nov 2021.

You can register by sending an email to: coter@cor.europa.eu

Tidpunkt: 2021-11-25 09:30 - 2021-11-25 12:15