Små- och mellanstora smarta städer

Innovation Conference 2021: Small and medium-sized Smart Cities and Communities

This year’s innovation conference will be held on September 23. The focus of the conference is small and medium-sized cities and the development, challenges and opportunities of the smart city. Compared to big cities and megacities, the small and medium-sized cities normally have their own specific conditions to consider, which requires specific investigations and solutions.

Smart Cities and Communities (SCC) is a university-wide profile area. It includes all research, education and collaboration that is conducted within smart cities and communities at the University. The three current areas of strength within SCC are Smart Mobility, Smart Energy and Smart Citizen and Communities in small and medium-sized cities. Many aspects of the profile area include working with businesses and the surrounding society and taking local conditions into consideration.

In summary, SCC targets to prepare people and society for the future within the scope of smart cities and societies, adding value to tackle industrial and societal challenges, especially in small and medium-sized cities.

Conference program

The conference will preliminary take place between 10.00 and 15.00. It will also be possible for participants to mingle the day before the conference and participate in a shared breakfast online.

During the first part of the day we will focus on the history, the future and the benefits of collaboration in a local context for a small and medium-sized city. The afternoon is devoted to highlighting opportunities and good examples in a broader context.

A more detailed program will be published soon.

About the conference

During this conference, we want to promote collaboration and development of smart cities and communities.

Key themes of conference

  • Challenges for small and medium sized smart cities and communities
  • Collaborative environment in the region – the local perspective
  • Initiatives enabling sustainable societies
  • Local to international: examples of research and development



  • Rebecca Sellergren


  • Magnus Jensner, Museum Director at Hallands Konstmuseum.
    From Halmstad to Stockholm – local ideas brought to center stage Visions for sustainable cities – the interwar period as incubator.
  • Vaike Fors (Halmstad University), Susanne Duval Innings (Helsingborg City) and Suzanne Andersson (Gotenburg City)
    Project AHA II: Co-Designing Future Mobility in Urban Living Labs in Gothenburg and Helsingborg.
  • Louise Wallmander, Development Strategist, Varberg Municipality
    From theory to action – an overview of three development projects in a transforming city – inspiring examples of how the municipality uses cooperative pilots to engage the companies and compounds in the process.
  • Åsa Minoz, innovation strategist at Viable Cities
    Climate city contract – a tool for mobilising and delivering climate neutral and sustainable cities.

More speakers will be announced soon.

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