Vattenbrist och återvinning


15/06/2022 – 14:00 – 15.30

Climate change and extreme weather conditions, such as rainstorms and droughts, pose an enormous risk to water management in many regions. Drinking water is becoming a scarce resource as the groundwaters dry out or are damaged. In many regions there is not enough groundwater to cover all consumption.

How are coastal regions tackling this issue? What kind of innovative solutions have been tried? In this joint session, we will first have a presentation from Dagmar Kaljarikova, DG ENV, who will give an overview of the current policy framework. After this, we will hear about the challenges connected to water scarcity on a broader scale from Kalmar County and Linnaeus University, as well as the sharing of inspiring regional solutions from Turku-Southwest Finland, Emilia Romagna and Extremadura (TBC).

The meeting will also explore wider network interest in the subject of water scarcity and reuse and future opportunities for collaboration around it. Learn more in the attached latest agenda.

This meeting will take place in a hybrid format with speakers attending in person and participants connecting and engaging online. After registering, you will receive a link to attend in advance of the meeting.

Programme: Blue Economy EnergyCC Water Scarcity Agenda Web

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Tidpunkt: 2022-06-15 14:00 - 2022-06-15 15:30