Join Blekinge to innovate the future in blue innovation!

Seminar on Blue Innovation – 19 January 2022, 13.00!

During the Sweden Innovation Days the region Blekinge host an interactive seminar aiming to find possible collaboration partners with organisations, companies and other stakeholders. They would like to present Blekinge as a platform and a living lab for creating innovative solutions to restore the world’s oceans and waters. They will discuss the mission strategy of Blekinge, and dig deeper into the areas of blue innovation that support the EU Mission.

You will meet:

Erika Augustinsson – Innovation Strategist at Region Blekinge

Andreas Larsson – Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Blekinge Institute of Technology

Lennart Johansson – Business Developer Maritime Technology at Blue Science Park

Tamara Carleton – Researcher at Blekinge Institute of Technology with an emphasis on Global Technological Innovation.

You are most welcome to chat with Blekinge during the live seminar.


Blekinge in the southeast Sweden has as many rural areas, struggled with an image of being a small and remote region, away from urbanism and financial muscles. They do have a great surrounding nature, a beautiful archipelago and some very future oriented people, companies and organisations, hence they thought, why not turn it around?

What if their size, remoteness and their closeness to nature actually could be an advantage? This is where the road towards becoming a region on a mission started. To work with mission oriented innovation they have to start with a system approach to map out the connectivity to their mutual goal. And their small size is also an asset when they move into an innovation development that emphasizes design and experiments a lot more.

Blekinge’s goal is to be a European demo-region in this field- so that their know how and methods can replicate to other regions and really make an impact. And they want to invite other stakeholders all over the world to join them!

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