Three new faces at SBHSS

Today, Småland Blekinge Halland South Sweden has the pleasure of presenting three new faces. After two years of pandemic, the office can once again welcome two new trainees during the spring semester. In addition, the office will be strengthened by another EU-policy officer. Get to know Michelle, Amanda and Martin. 

Michelle Andersson is studying her bachelor’s degree in International Social Science Programme with a focus on Political Science at the Linnaeus University in Växjö, and is now in her third and final year. In addition to her studies, Michelle has worked extra at the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society. 

I’m very interested in international relations and the EU. Through this traineeship I get the chance to use my theoretical knowledge in practice and develope my knowledge. The tasks in the traineeship is in my liking and it’s also exciting to explore Brussels as the centre of EU and to work towards regions which I myself have links to. 

Amanda Karlsson studies Political Science with a focus on nationaleconomics at the University of Gothenburg and does her traineeship at South Sweden as a final part of her bachelor’s degree. Amanda, who comes from Halland, has a great interest i EU issues and international collaborations. 

Politics and international cooperations has always been a large interest, which makes Småland Blekinge Halland a perfect place to conduct an internship at. Then I will have the opportunity to recieve more knowledge and insight at both a regional and international level. 

Martin Broberg is the name of our new EU-policy officer here at Småland Blekinge Halland Brussels office. He is going to be working with bioeconomy and infrastructure. 

Martin comes most recently from the European parliament in Brussels where he has been working with the committees, AFET, DEVE, and INTA. Before that Martin worked as committee policy officer at the parliaments office of the foreign affairs committee in Stockholm. Martin has a political science education with a mastersdegree from Aarhus University and bachelors degree from defence university, both with focus on european integration. Martin will monitor the members interests and be a support in their work within EU. 

– My interest for european politics has been with me since i was little but got more concrete during a study visit at a swedish regional office in Brussels 2010. The circle has therefore been closed and it will be really exiting to be working at Småland Blekinge Halland South sweden´s office in Brussels and protect the owners interests in Brussels.